How the lemonade was created.


A drink made from lemon juice and lemon tincture was called lemonade in the XVIIth century. The term lemonade means lemonized.

Later on lemonades made from different fruits and berries were added.

The Georgian ancient technology of lemonade making is popular all over the world.

It is distinguished by its unique taste and fruity odour.

The lemonade has got the name “Sapironi”, which is translated as sapphire, due to its unique taste and brilliant quality.

Saporini lemonade is prepared by the recipes coming from the earliest times. The recipes used for centuries in their turn have  been transferred from generation to generation.

Sapironi” lemonade occupies its special place in the international market due to the Georgian specific technology, Armenian sun-smelling fruits and the immortal water of Armenian highlands. “Sapironi” is forever to maintain the ancient legend of lemonade.
The main aim of “Sapironi” lemonade experts is to produce only high quality lemonades with natural and pleasant taste. The name “Sapironi” will be forever inscribed on the healthy soft drinks.



Best of the Best


LLC called “Amenur” established the factory of “Sapironi” lemonades in 2008.

The industrial complex basically produces lemonades of the following 8 tastes: pear, tarragon, lemon, cherry, apple, grape, orange and creamsoda.

The company’s activities are mainly held in the market to represent high-quality products.

Highly qualified specialists who work in the company keep the products’ perfect and high quality in the center of attention. This has caused a long-term cooperation by markets’ leading organizations. As a result of this they have become the company’s main buyers.


“Sapironi” lemonades are made from the mixture of fruit and berrie syrups, sugar, canned materials and porable water. They are carbonated by carbon dioxide.

The Company’s manufacturing and administrative facilities are located in the following address: C. Yerevan, 16 Vratsakan street.

The Company has an autopark, which provides free delivery of products to all communities of Yerevan and its neighbouring regions.

Appreciating its present day position the company keeps the strategy to expand its occupied part and for this reason the investment of high technologies considers an important tactic. The company’s production is developed by foreign famous firms’ equipments.